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Week beginning 09.09.19

In Year 4 this week, the children have been exploring two new texts as part of our Astonishing Contraptions topic - a graphic novel by Brian Selznick called 'The Invention of Hugo Cabret' and Raymond Briggs' comic-style story 'Ug: Boy Genius of the Stone Age'. They have enjoyed exploring the text and focusing on the details of the illustrations and images, as well as considering how an author can use them to inspire our imaginations.


The children have also been practicing and reinforcing their understanding of place value, through a variety of different activities. The children particularly enjoyed games such as Place Value Yahtzee and Reach the Target, where they showed their confidence in recognising odd and even numbers, as well as finding the digit sum of 4-digit numbers.


Week beginning 04.09.19

In Year 4 this week, the children have been settling into their new year group and becoming familiar with new routines in their classes. As part of our Hook Day for our Astonishing Contraptions topic, the children took part in team-building activities, enjoyed an interactive Stone Age experience using the Now>Press>Play headphones and explored the idea of inventions as the solutions to different problems. They worked in groups to craft a bridge structure which could bear a significant weight, using a range of different materials. 


Additionally, this week the children completed their first Free Write of the year, based on the short film 'The Alchemist's Letter'. The children used the short film as inspiration for their writing and chose which text they would like to write, including deciding which technical features they would include in their writing. Most of the children chose to write exciting stories and diary entries, using a range of descriptive language.




If you have any questions or queries at any point, please don’t hesitate to contact one of us via the home/school diary or the school office. We will also be present at the end of the school day on the gate.

We are looking forward to our first exciting topic:




Please check back each week to see what we have been learning about!





Week Beginning 15.07.19

This week, we have concluded our Explorers topic by choosing an explorer to study. We were then going to debate against others to argue that our explorer was the best. We used specific websites to find relevant information about what made them a successful explorer. We had to research information that would support our argument such as where they travelled, any issues that arose and how long they were gone for. 

We created a mind map of all the information that we gathered. Then we wrote a speech bubble to state the most important points that we would use in our debate.

We really enjoyed these debates and have loved our text for this term 'The Explorer' which we are trying to finish before the summer holidays. Will they ever manage to get home?



Week beginning 08.07.19

 This week, we looked at different types of settlements such as hamlets and towns and then we created our own picture of a settlement for Christopher Columbus. 



We have continued to read our text The Explorer which we are really enjoying. This week, we pretended that we were one of the characters from the text: Fred, Con, Lila and Max and wrote a diary based on their journey through the Amazon Rainforest on the way to Manaus. 





Week beginning 01.07.19

We have had a very exciting week! On Tuesday, we all took part in our first sports day at the junior school. We showed lots of perseverance and shared in each other's successes. Congratulations to the Normans who won the Year 3 sports day!

We also spent the morning up in Year 4 this week, getting to know our new teachers and completing some fun activities. 

Back in class, we have been continuing our Explorers topic by looking at different settlements and what makes a good place to create a new settlements. As well as this, we have explored some alternative religions including Humanism and made some comparisons between these. 


Week beginning 24.06.19

This week year 3 have been working hard to use a variety of features to write a persuasive letter to a stranger, in hope that they will come and rescue us from being stranded in a rainforest or Antarctica! These features include: rhetorical questions, emotive language, present perfect tense, compound and complex sentences and adverbs. 

We have shown great perseverance this week when working on our assessments, ensuring that we read every question carefully and answered all of the questions to the best of our ability. 

We have been practising our musical skills when using chimes to create and compose music to play along to the song 'Let your spirit fly'. We have been learning about musical notation and how to accurately place them on sheet music. 


Week beginning 17.06.19

This week, we have continued to read our text 'The Explorer' and we looked at words and phrases that capture our imagination. 

 This week, we have learned lots of art skills using paper such as scrunching, twisting, rolling and pebbling. We worked collaboratively to design our collage, annotating which materials and techniques we were going to use. We then used these skills to create a collage of the rainforest using a range of different materials. Here are some of our creations. 




Week beginning 10.06.19

This week, Year 3 have been continuing our Explorers topic by reading the text The Explorer. We have then used this as our inspiration to write a narrative text using our imaginations. We could decide whether our characters were stranded in the rainforest like the characters in The Explorer or Antarctica like Ernest Shakleton.

We created a plan to decide what dangers our characters would face and how they would overcome them. 


 We then did some work on speech, using speech bubbles to recognise the part the characters were saying so that we could see where we needed to place the speech marks in our text.



 After this, we began writing, focusing on describing our characters and settings in detail. We created some fantastic pieces of writing, using our imaginations to engage our reader. 


After we had written, we re-drafted a section of our writing to improve it even further, paying careful attention to ensure that we included all of the success criteria. 



 Week beginning 3.6.19

This week year 3 have begun learning about their new topic: explorers!

 We started the week with a day in the life of a explorer. We completed a variety of activities to help us to understand the tasks and challenges that explorers may face. Some of these activities included: adding and subtracting money to buy camping equipment, working in teams to solve problems whilst crossing an iced over river and we used 'Now press play' to listen to and perform alongside a story of a boy who needed to rescue his poorly aunt by exploring through the rainforest. We also looked at natural art and worked together to collect natural materials to create our own pieces of natural art. To finish off our day of exploring, we read a story about an explorers journey whilst having a camping snack!

 In maths this week we have focused on fractions, we have worked hard to understand how to recognise unit and non-unit fractions, whilst also successfully adding and subtracting different fractions. 

 We have also looked at light in science, we have learnt about the different types of light sources, how important they are and that without them we would constantly be in the dark. We have begun to learn about some new explorers that have adventured around the world, such as Neil Armstrong, Christopher Columbus and Ernest Shackleton. 

 Throughout the week, we have been looking at health and relationships. We have been learning about the different changes that our bodies go through, what babies need to grow and develop and diversity in families! We have been able to ask lots of different questions that we may have about this topic to develop our understanding further.





Week beginning 20.05.19

 This week, Year 3 have been completing our Victorians topic by creating a Victorian leaflet using Google Classroom. We worked collaboratively, all working on the same document but adding our own sections of information. We really enjoyed being able to see everyone else typing onto the same page on our screen.

 We also ended our science topic of electricity by identifying conductors and insulators. We made predictions about which items would conduct electricity and which would not and then tested these predictions by placing the items within our circuit. If the bulb still lit up then the item was a conductor because it allowed electricity to flow through it and reach the bulb. 

 We also finished the text of Oliver Twist and learned how to summarise a paragraph of writing by only selecting the most important parts which have an impact on the rest of the story.




Week beginning 13.05.19

This week, Year 3 have been continuing our persuasive letter from Oliver Twist. We have redrafted this to include a range of persuasive features as well as commas and prepositions. We then published our writing using chrome books. We titled our document, changed the font style and size and learned how to use the spell check tool. 



We have also learned about William Morris, a famous artist in the Victoria era who designed lots of wallpaper inspired by nature.  We then tried to replicate his printing techniques using polystyrene tiles. 




Week beginning 06.05.2019

This week in year 3, we have been learning about electricity and circuits. We created our own circuits, using different components to successfully power a light bulb. 

In maths, we have been working on formal multiplication. We have been following the steps to success to accurately multiply two and three digit numbers by a one digit number. 

We have been looking at the text, Oliver Twist. We discussed the characters and were able to draw inferences about them from the text. 

Towards the end of the week, we experienced a day in the life of Victorian children. We were taught by a Victorian teacher, shown a variety of toys and games, we worked hard at a workhouse and were shown the different outings that they would take on their holidays.


Week beginning 29.04.19

This week, Year 3 have started our new reading cycle where we get a chance to explore a text in detail in order to deepen our understanding. The text that we will be studying this half term is Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. We have chosen a version retold by Gill Tavner. During our reading cycle, we had a chance to make predictions, created a bank of unfamiliar or interesting vocabulary and ask relevant questions in order to improve our understanding of the text.

We have also learned how to sketch facial features in proportion and in the correct position on a face, we then tried shading to show the light and shadows on a face before attempting to recreate Queen Victoria's portrait. We had half of the face already and we have to carefully position the facial features and shade the light and dark areas.













Week beginning 23.04.19

This week, Year 3 started our new Victorians topic by experiencing a morning in a 'Victorian' classroom. They had to chant along with the teacher and realised some of the punishments they might receive if they misbehaved!

We used the chrome books to research information about Queen Victoria including her childhood, reign, family and later life. Later in the week, we chose whether to create a biography or an autobiography to inform our audience about Queen Victoria.

In science this week, we identified a range of electrical appliances and then decided whether they were battery, mains or solar powered as well as understanding how electricity is created and sent to our homes.


Week beginning 01.04.19

This week, Year 3 completed our Ancient Greeks topic with a performance to the Year 2 pupils who visited us from the infants. We re-enacted some of the Greek myths we have been studying as well as creating mood through music to accompany our poetry. 

During our performance, we considered expression, volume and intonation to ensure that our performance was engaging for our audience. 



On Wednesday, we really enjoyed the House Spelling Bee. Every pupil in the year group showed their perseverance and tried their best, with many pupils performing in front of the class, the phase and a couple even performed in front of the whole school!




We also finished off our week by using our knowledge of 3D shapes, horizontal and vertical lines and parallel and perpendicular lines to create our own version of the Parthenon.

Week beginning 25.03.19

This week in year 3, we have been learning all about the Greek myth Pandoras Box. We have been writing a poem based on the positive and negative things that left the box, when Pandora selfishly opened it. We were focusing on using collective nouns, descriptive language, similes and metaphors.


We have also looked at pictograms and constructed our own based on our favourite Greek myth heroes - Thesues, Orpheus, Prometheus and Epimetheus. We used spreadsheets on our laptops to record survey data about these Greek heroes, which we presented in a bar chart. 


In science this week, we have continued to look at skeletons and muscles. We have learned that there are different types of skeletons: endoskeletons, exoskeletons and hydrostatic skeletons. As well as skeletons we have found that we many muscles, these muscles enable us to move.

Week beginning 18.03.19

This week, Year 3 have been continuing our Ancient Greek topic by creating Greek pots out of clay. We used a coil technique to build up our pots then we used our fingers and tools to smooth the coils to make sure that they joined together. 



We also learned about the human skeleton. Dr Fracture said that all bones in taller people are larger so we created an investigation to measure each other's height, the circumference of their cranium and the length of their hand to see if he was correct.

Week beginning 11.03.19


This week, Year 3 have read the Greek myth Orpheus and Eurydice. We acted the myth out to make sure that we understood it before we started writing. 


We have spent time this week concentrating on our editing and redrafting process, making sure that our redrafted version, has lots of extra features to make it a fantastic piece of writing. 


On Wednesday afternoon, we had a visit from the 2 John's who talked to us about how to use the games we play online safely. They showed us how to make our settings private. 

Week beginning 04.03.19 

To start off this week, we had our very own Greek day! Throughout the day we were able to develop our knowledge of Ancient Greece by learning about the Olympics, olive wreaths and many different facts. We were also able to use our knowledge of quarter turns, half turns, clockwise and anticlockwise to complete a labyrinth.






To support ourselves with our writing this week, we used the chromebooks to work collaboratively in creating word banks for Theseus and the Minotaur.


We have been using the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur to write a newspaper report recounting the events of the story, starting with an orientation and using compound and complex sentences.


At the end of the week, we had lots of fun taking part in world book day!


Week beginning 25.02.19

 This week, Year 3 have started our new topic of Ancient Greece with lots of fun activities. We have designed and created some Greek sandals that were fit for purpose and evaluated their effectiveness. As well as this, we have used some new technology called 'Now Press Play' to hear a story about the Ancient Greeks and be a part of it, acting out what was happening. We all loved taking part in this!


We have used atlases to locate Greece on a map and look at some of its geographical features such as its capital city and bordering countries. We then made some comparisons between Athens and London, looking at the climate and languages spoken. 


We also used some chimes in our music topic to play along to the beat of a song.



Week Beginning 11.02.19


This week, we have been on a walk around the local area. During our walk, we located lots of human and physical features of Benfleet. Mr Turner kindly accompanied us and shared lots of pictures to show us how Benfleet has changed over the years. 


To aid our walk, we also look looked at an ordnance survey map of the local area and understood how to read grid references to locate different places on the map such as a golf course or parking. 


Our final outcome for the half term was to create a cross stitch and back stitch design linked to an aspect of our study of the UK. Some children chose to create a Union Jack flag while others created mountains to represent our week learning about Snowdonia or Big Ben to represent our week learning about London.







Week beginning 04.02.19

This week, Year 3 have been continuing with our study of the UK. We have learnt how to tell the time and look at bus timetables to help us on our journey across the UK. We used the characters from Major Glad and Major Dizzy to create a diary entry, sharing our experiences of Snowdonia, the Eden Project and London - some of the places we have studied during the half term. 


On Friday, we also learnt how to thread a needle as well as some cross stitch and back stitch skills in preparation for our final outcome next week where we will be creating a landmark or place in the UK that we have studied. 







Week beginning 28.01.19 

This week Year 3 have had a science week. We have identified the different parts of a plant such as the leaves and stem and what their function is. The function of a stem is to transport water and hold the plant up. 

 We have also created investigations to see if seeds can still grow when we take away one of their needs. We places some cress seeds in a cup and left one with no water, one with no warmth, one with no air and one with no sunlight. We found that the one with no air seemed to grow the quickest.

 We then used all the information that we had learned to create a narrative on Dandy the Dandelion and explain what happens to him as he progresses through the life cycle of a plant.



Week beginning 21.01.19

This week, we have been learning how to say the names of fruits in French. For example: une pomme is an apple and une banane is a banana.


We learned about the different parts of a mountain such as; the peak or summit which is the top of the mountain and the foot of the mountain which is the base. We used the chrome books to research information about Snowdonia and then used this to help us write a persuasive leaflet about Snowdonia.


Week beginning 14.01.19

This week Year 3 have been continuing looking at the text Major Glad, Major Dizzy and using this to create our own narrative, re-telling the story of the two soldiers stuck under the floorboards. 


We have also looked at some DT skills in order to help us build a structure. We have created bridges using strengthening and stiffening techniques and tested them to see if a toy car could pass over it without it collapsing. 


Week beginning 07.01.19



This week, we have started our new topic 'Our UK'. We started the week by creating giant 3D models of each country of the UK which we painted on Friday, considering the height of the land when we chose our colours.


We have also used our brand new Chrome Books to find different cities and towns using Google maps as well as using atlases to locate some of the main rivers in the UK.


Our new text this half term is 'Major Glad, Major Dizzy' which is about two toy soldiers who were dropped under the floorboards of a Victorian house and forgotten about for over one hundred years. We explored the pictures in this book which help to tell the story and look at how meaning has been inferred through the pictures and the writing. 


 Week beginning 10.12.18

This week, we have been looking at the text The Secrets of Vesuvius and learning about what happened when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79AD. We used all this information to write part of a story building up suspense as two of our characters were in Herculaneum, at the base of Vesuvius when it erupted!


We invited some of our school Governors in on Friday afternoon to share all our fantastic Roman work from this half term.



Week beginning 03.12.18 

This week we have learned about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD. We used this information and were inspired by the work of Jackson Pollock to create our own 3D volcanic artwork. We learnt a range of art skills such as scrunching paper, colour mixing and brush techniques to give our artwork some texture.





Week beginning 26.11.18

The Year 3 pupils have coped extremely well with their first Junior School assessment week, completing both maths and reading test papers.  We were really impressed with how hard all the pupils worked to achieve the best results they could.  


We have also been writing in role as Queen Boudicca, desperately appealing to the Celts to join our army in order to defeat the Romans.  Pupils have made excellent use of adjectives to describe the Romans and the Celts from Boudicca's point of view as well as lots of persuasive techniques such as rhetorical questions.  


With much excitement, we have begun to practise our Christmas songs for the inter-class battle which will take place on the 17th December.  



Week beginning 19/11/18

This week, Year 3 have been learning about the Roman invasion of Britain including Julius Caesar's attempts to invade Britain, Boudicca's rebellion and Hadrian building his wall to protect his land and soldiers. 


We used this information to create our own News Report and performed these to the rest of the class on Friday.


Additionally, congratulations to 3NH for a fantastic class assembly this week. Every pupil was brave enough to stand up in front of a large crowd to celebrate all the wonderful achievements we have made so far in Year 3! 


Week beginning 12/11/18 

This week, Year 3 have been learning about the expansion of the Roman Empire. We used atlases to locate different countries in Europe and then plotted how the Empire grew over time. 

On Friday, we invited the Year 3 children at Lubbins Park Primary School over to enjoy a Roman day with us. We played games, took part in a quiz and had a look at lots of Roman armour and weapons.  

week beginning 05.11.18

This week in year 3, we have been writing about what the Romans have done for us. Through research, we have collected information about topics including: aqueducts, toilets, the army and roads. We are learning to write these facts in paragraphs with sub-headings within an information text. 

We have also been remembering those brave soldiers that dedicated their lives to fight for our freedom. We have been making poppies out of plastic bottles to place on display, as well as paper poppies to create a work of art in the shape of a soldier.


Week beginning 29.10.18

This week, Year 3 have been completing a science week all about rocks and fossils. 

We have been understanding how igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks are formed. We have had a very interactive week, creating experiments to investigate the permeability of soil which you can see in the photographs below, as well as grouping rocks based on their properties by testing their permeability, durability and density.

Autumn 1

We are really proud of how well the Year 3 children have settled into life at the Junior School.  They have embraced our first Superheroes topic with great enthusiasm and have been a pleasure to teach. 

Lots of the children greatly impressed us with their holiday homework of