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Miss J Parkes

Kents Hill Junior School


Year 3 Blog 2021-2022

Week beginning: 29.11.2021

This week, we have been completing our final pieces of work and reflection on our Explorers topic for this term.

Year 3 have reflected on and discussed the different types of land that can be explored, studied famous explorers and consider what else there is still to explore. We discussed that the depths of the oceans and outer space has not been fully explored by anyone which led us to question whether there was life on other planets and if so, what might these people and this land look like?

We drew some pictures to imagine an alien planet and the type of land it might have such as deserts, forests or even lava rivers!

We have also finished our music topic creating a piece of music linked to the rainforest. We focused on tempo in our compositions and considered how the music might change from soft and slow as we were travelling down the Amazon River, to much faster as a piranha or other deadly animals raced towards us!

To finish our week, we explored some fractured fairytales such as CinderEdna, Jack and the Baked Beanstalk and The True Story of the Three Little Pigs. We created some drama by retelling the final fairytale in groups, focusing on our clear speaking voices and staying in character. 

Week beginning: 22.11.2021

This week in Year 3, we have been focussing on expanding our knowledge of how to describe characters. We have been watching a bit of the film Ice Age each day to observe the characters which has helped us develop more ways to use descriptive writing. We have been using lots of interesting adjectives in our writing and even tried to include some expanded noun phrases. 


In maths this week, we have been learning how to add two 3-digit numbers using the column addition method. Even though it has been tricky, we worked really hard using Numicon to help us understand how two 3-digit numbers can be added together. 

In 3CC and 3NH, we went on a walk this week where we learnt more about the local area of Benfleet. We went to St Mary's Church where we learnt about all the different things you can find within it. We also had a checklist where we had to find the landmarks and decide whether they had human or physical features. We had a great time and can't wait for 3KW to enjoy their walk soon.


In music this week, we created our own piece of music using Glockenspiels. It was fun to have the freedom of creating a piece of music that we liked and then to perform it to the rest of the class. 

Week beginning: 15.11.2021

This week, we finished our study of the ancient Greeks by creating clay pots. We used different techniques to ensure our pots stayed together and included a pattern inspired by the Ancient Greek pots we had looked at.

We also looked at the influence the Ancient Greeks have had on our lives such as democracy and sports. Did you know the Ancient Greeks created the very first Olympic Games?

Later in the week, we moved on to our study of the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings. As we prepared for our local area walk, we learned a bit more about the Battle of Benfleet when the Vikings fought the Anglo-Saxons for the land.


Week beginning: 08.11.2021

This week in year 3 has been extremely exciting because we had our Greek Day. We started with some fun activities in the morning such as: playing a Greek board came called Petteia, taking part in a quiz all about Greece, trying to piece together a puzzle and a workshop on democracy. In the afternoon, we learnt all about the armour and weapons that would have been used. To end our amazing Greek Day, we took part in a Greek Olympics where two teams, Athens and Spartans, competed against each other. We all dressed up and it was a wonderful day for everyone!

In maths this week, we did some practical investigations which meant that we had to use envelopes and figure out the combinations of numbers which might be in them. We used Numicon and other practical resources to help us figure out the answers.

At the beginning of the week, we finished off our DT cushions that we had designed for an explorer. We used skills such as sewing, cutting and even using a glue gun. They all look great and we can't wait to bring them home to show our adults!

Week beginning: 01.11.2021

We have had a week jam-packed with exciting activities in Year 3. In design technology, we have created cushions for some of our characters lost in the rainforests to help them sleep. We learnt sewing skills and carefully used hot glue guns in order to complete our cushions. 




In writing, we have learnt about climate change and understood a little bit about COP26 and the events happening in Glasgow this week that are helping to save the planet. We wrote our own persuasive texts to help persuade people to do their part to tackle climate change focusing on rhetorical questions and adverbs. 

On Friday, we had a lot of fun welcoming some of our family members in for a Now Press Play workshop. We had a lot of fun while also exploring feelings in certain situations. 

Week beginning: 18.10.2021

This week in Year 3, we have been continuing our amazing learning all about the Amazon Rainforest. We created some beautiful double page spreads to showcase all of our knowledge. In reading this week, we read some Disney songs from Moana and The Jungle Book and discussed their meanings. 

In Maths, we were looking at adding and subtracting 1 digit numbers from 3 digit numbers. We used physical equipment to help us figure out the answers to the questions. 

We spent some time this week in PSHE thinking about our goals in life and why we aim for them. We also discussed why we have rules in our world and what life would be like if there weren't any and we decided that the world would be very chaotic without them! 

For Science this week, we predicted what was the best condition for growing cress seeds. We decided that plants need water, light, warmth and nutrients to grow healthily. Then we sowed some cress seeds in a cup with cotton wool and water. We are very excited to see what the results will be after half term!

Week beginning: 11.10.2021 

This week, Year 3 have been continuing to write our draft versions of an information text. We have drafted four paragraphs about the rainforest: Introduction, the Amazon River, Rainforest Animals and then a specific paragraph about either a sloth or scarlet macaw to go alongside the sketches we drew last week. 


Additionally, we have continued to read our class text 'The Explorer' and learnt that 'Abacaxi' means pineapple in Portuguese. The children found some pineapples to eat and then an orphaned baby sloth which they named Abacaxi. 

In science, we have been beginning to learn about the different parts of a plant and their functions ready to complete some investigations about the best ways for them to grow next week. 


Week beginning: 04.10.2021 

Throughout this week in year 3, we have combined writing, geography and art to explore more facts about the Amazon rainforest. We have used our amazing research skills on our chromebooks to discover more facts about the rainforest. We used Geography to help us find out how many countries the Amazon rainforest covers and we were shocked to find out that it covers 8 countries! All these facts helped us to write some incredible pieces of informative writing which included lots of compound sentences and complex sentences. In art, we got creative by watching a video to help us sketch a sloth and a macaw.

In maths, we began looking at addition and subtraction. We have been using lots of resources like place value counters and grids to help us to add and subtract hundreds, tens and ones.

Finally, we had a wonderful time enjoying the travelling book fair. It was lovely to see lots of our parents come in to choose some great books and read with us. 

Week beginning: 27.09.2021 

As we delve further into our topic of 'Explorers', this week we have been creating a rainforest collage using a range of materials. We began by exploring different collages and what makes them effective before practising a variety of collage techniques such as twisting, scrunching and rolling. Once we had explored these, we considered the design for our rainforest and worked collaboratively to create a final product. 



Additionally, this week, we have continued to read our class text 'The Explorer'. This week, we read a chapter together and answered lots of questions based on our understanding of key vocabulary. 


Finally, we have published our pieces of descriptive writing about the rainforest. We read carefully though our drafts before publishing our final versions using stencils and hand-drawn images in order to make our pieces look professional. 


Week beginning: 20.09.2021 

This week in Year 3, we have had so much fun learning about the beauty of rainforests!

In our writing lessons, we have been using expanded noun phrases, full stops, commas and capital letters to describe waterfalls, rivers, trees and many animals that live in rainforests such as sloths, parrots and elephants.

In our science lessons, we have been questioning whether children with longer legs run faster than children with shorter legs. To test this question, we used our measuring skills to see who had the longest legs and raced each other across our playground and had a lot of fun doing so!

In maths, we have been ordering and comparing numbers up to a thousand. We used lots of different resources such as place value counters, multi-link cubes and place value charts when doing so.

Week beginning: 13.09.2021 

Year 3 have had a great week this week and have settled really well into their lessons. For most of this week, they have got stuck into their writing where we have started writing our first drafts of our rainforest descriptions. In order to immerse ourselves in the writing, we engaged with Now Press Play which uses portable headphones to listen to a story and act it out. We have been using some beautiful expanded noun phrases and worked really hard to include capital letters and full stops. We also enjoyed meeting so many parents and carers this week during our meet the teacher event and the children were able to showcase the work they had produced so far.

In maths this week, we have continued working on place value using pictures in the questions to help with our answers. We have been completing our times table challenge aiming towards the bronze award by completing all the calculations on the page – there has been some fantastically high scores already!


Week beginning: 06.09.2021 

Year 3 have enjoyed our first full week at the junior school. On Tuesday, we had our hook day where we used our imagination to explore a range of different terrains including saving each other when they were 'trapped in a ravine' in Antarctica and escaping down the Amazon river on a 'raft' after spotting some terrifying creatures. During the day, we also learnt the points of a compass and used these to locate specific items on a map. 

This week, we have also started to plan a piece of descriptive writing about a rainforest and created some fantastic expanded noun phrases based on pictures, videos and sounds we were exposed to.



Week beginning: 30.08.2021

This week, we have been delighted to welcome our new Year 3 pupils to Kents Hill Junior School. They have settled in so quickly and enjoyed their first 2 days. On Friday, we had a virtual assembly introducing our Kindness Pledge that we will all be following, showing kindness to every member of the school community, everyone in the wider community and our environment too, we're all looking forward to getting started on Monday!

We have also created a science experiment where we have chosen the best materials and designs in order to make a protective case for an egg when we dropped it. The aim was to allow it to drop without cracking. There were some fantastic designs and wonderful examples of teamwork demonstrated.