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Year 3 Blog 2020-2021

Week beginning: 16.11.2020

This week in Year 3, the children have continued learning about plants in science in some of the classes. They studied the parts of a plant and labelled the functions of each part beautifully in their science books. Helpfully, this learning was applied to the reading this week which was focused on plants. They have learned that plants can be grown in new places through attaching to people’s shoe laces, onto animals’ fur or even through the wind. In addition, they compared fruit and vegetables and surprisingly learnt that some foods including tomatoes, pumpkins and cucumbers are all actually fruits, because they have seeds!

In English, Year 3 have begun working on a narrative inspired by the class book – The Explorers. They have loved listening to the adventures of Fred, Con, Lila and Max (and their sloth Baca) over the Autumn term and are now beginning to use the story in their writing. Alongside this, they have begun working on their collages of the Amazon Rainforest, where ‘The Explorers’ is set, in art lessons! In the coming weeks, we will share photos of the collages which the children have been enthralled by.

In PE, the children have studied basketball and applied the skills to the game. There are most definitely some budding basketball players in the making across the year group!



Week beginning: 09.11.2020

This week Year 3 have been working hard in maths including using the operations addition and subtraction. After studying the written methods of regrouping and exchanging, they were able to apply this to a range of challenging questions. On top of this, they studied shape in a topic lesson linking to geography as well as Outdoor Adventurous Activities (OAA). Using their maps, and teamwork skills, they had to identify the correlating shape to the number and draw into the matching section. The children were enthused by this activity and loved searching for the shapes outside!

In RE, Year 3 have moved on to learning about Christianity. They applied their understanding of geography by recognising that churches are human features of geography. Following this, they studied features of the church and their purpose, including the: font, pulpit, lectern, pew and stained-glass windows amongst more. The children also learnt about different services which are celebrated in a church.

Furthermore, in science, the children have begun learning about plants in their new unit. They enjoyed learning to remember the parts of a plant through a fun song with actions and worked independently using their chrome books to draw a diagram of a plant. They then labelled the plants complete with the function of each part. Moving forward, they will be conducting their own investigations into plants!

On top of this, countries and cities in the UK and in Europe were studied within geography. Building upon understanding of human and physical features of geography, Year 3 researched different landmarks around the UK and Europe. Great work again this week Year 3!


Week beginning: 02.11.2020

This week, Year 3 has been learning about subtraction and addition with three digit numbers. The children have really engaged with this topic in our mathematics lessons and shown confidence in working with larger numbers!

In PSHE, Year 3 has been learning about relationships and the different relationships people can have with one another. We also had a virtual visitor for our RE lesson who spoke to us about Buddhism and Buddhist beliefs.

We used glockenspiels in our music lesson this week which the children thoroughly enjoyed! Year 3 were able to play a simple piece of music and recognise rhythm and pitch.

Well done Year 3!


Week beginning: 19.10.2020

In Year 3, the children have designed, created and painted pottery inspired by Ancient Greeks. The Ancient Greeks are renowned for their inventions and a legacy of Ancient Greece is their pottery. In light of this, the children created wonderful pots and bowls using clay. They learnt the ‘coil’ technique as well as ‘pinch’ technique and painted their pots afterwards. Afterwards, they linked their learning to the idea that an explorer from the Ancient Greek era could use the pot to eat and drink from.


On top of this, in cross-curricular maths the children imagined what mathematical skills they may need to be able to explore. Building on Year 2 knowledge, they studied position and direction including left, right, clockwise and anti-clockwise and applied this to their learning. Developing on the schools core value of teamwork, the children worked with their partner to instruct them using directions whilst partaking in outdoor learning.

In RE, they continued to learn about Buddhism and spoke about ‘8 fold path’ in which they studied Buddhist’s teachings of how to reach enlightenment, which is important for working on the British Values of ‘mutual respect and tolerance’.  While in French, they have built upon their understanding of numbers and conversational phrases in addition to learning many colours including answering the register using ‘rouge’, ‘jaune’ and ‘vert’.

Year 3 have tried so hard and adjusted back into the school routine after such a strange year so far. Well done Year 3. Everyone is so proud of you for the first half term at Kents Hill Junior School.

Week beginning: 12.10.2020

This week, Year 3 have enjoyed learning about a range of poems in reading comprehension lessons which evoked good discussions including the story of ‘Matilda’ and the importance of telling the truth. Alongside this, they have continued to read through our class book ‘the explorer’ which has also focused on their inference and summarising skills.

In science, the children have studied animals including humans. This week, they compared adult animals with baby animals and learnt names of baby animals including learning that a baby elephant is called a calf! They really enjoyed this lesson and were enthusiastic about the baby animals. On top of this, they discovered that the way in which babies grow and are born can be different. After comparing the different animal classifications, the children learnt that whilst most animal groups grow inside eggs including birds, mammals grow inside the mother’s womb and are born which include animals such as tigers and elephants as well as humans.

In PE, the children have done OAA (Outdoor Adventurous Activities) which focused on working as a team, which is an essential skill. They have enhanced their listening, problem solving and team work skills including turn taking. Some examples of team building included: ordering themselves without communicating, passing a ball without dropping it, supporting peers in their endeavours and even included orienteering. Using a map, they located anagrams that were set out around the outside areas and decoded the jumbled-up word.

Week beginning: 05.10.2020

This week, Year 3 have stepped back in time both in their topic learning and English. During the reading lessons, the children learned about the Stone Age whilst hearing the stories of the character Om and the way of living in that era in the book ‘Stone Age Boy’. In addition, they studied the history of Stone Henge including learning a little about archaeology and what a solar eclipse is!

As we near the end of learning about Ancient Greece, the children recalled all of their learning across a range of topic and outdoor learning to produce a piece of writing ‘to inform’ the readers. They wrote about Ancient Greece including describing life in the era as well as the origins of the Olympics, which linked to RE as they learnt that the Ancient Greek Olympics were originally in honour the Greek god Zeus, as well as an important sporting event.

After learning about a balanced diet previously, Year 3 learnt about the importance of exercise in science. They discussed the ways exercise can benefit the human body including: strengthening the heart, building muscle as well as helping to make someone feel good by releasing endorphins. To put their learning to the test, they did their own short, intense exercises and afterwards recorded the physiological responses i.e. raised heartbeat, quicker breathing, aching muscles, feeling tired or worn out or even feeling happy. They were able to record this in tables demonstrating understanding of working scientifically.

In maths they’ve continued to learn about place value and have demonstrated perseverance when tackling tricky questions as well as working hard on their times tables. In French, they build upon their knowledge of conversational phrases and began learning the numbers from 1-10. Another super week from Year 3!

Week beginning: 28.09.2020

This week in Year 3, the children have continued exploring in both locality and through time. In geography, they have begun studying ‘changing locations’ whilst learning about their local area and applying their geographical knowledge to the lesson. They compared a nearby area of Benfleet and the changes from 2009 to 2019. The Year 3’s were able to use their observations to understand how human features of the landscape had changed whilst reflecting upon more historical landmarks and sights with the local area. Some of these included: Hadleigh Castle, war memorials and a statue to commemorate the Battle of Benfleet, which date back many years. Following this, the children imagined what Benfleet could be like in 20 years as well as conducted field work about their local area around the school in outside learning.

In addition, they continued learning about Ancient Greece as part of their explorers’ topic as well as thinking about the legacy of Greek inventions including the Olympics. Enthusiastically, they took part in Olympic inspired activities after learning the history of the Olympics, including learning that it was a religious festival honouring the Ancient Greek God, Zeus. They combined their knowledge of maths to PE by using timers in each ‘event’ in an ‘Olympic addition’ activity and adding up scores. They used up lots of energy competing with their partners for who could do the most reps of star jumps, heel kicks, hops alongside more in a minute. On top of this, they have learned about Ancient Greece in reading including learning about the role of women in society many centuries ago as well as learning the myth of ‘Prince Thesesus and the minotaur’ which they really enjoyed!

As an outcome of their virtual trip, the children finished their superb published writes about the Son Doong Caves in Vietnam which they recounted using fantastic description and a focus on correct punctuation. A wonderful first piece of writing from Year 3!

Week beginning: 21.09.2020 

This week, Year 3 have worked really hard across all of their lessons, including demonstrating the schools’ core values across many aspects of learning. In PSHE, they discussed their personal achievements whilst comparing their similarities and differences. The children respected the PSHE charter of showing respect, understanding and tolerance with the right to pass within discussions during the ‘being me in my world’ unit. Alongside this, the children have frequently demonstrated compassion which is a superb quality and a wonderful thing to be.

In PE, teamwork has been shown during football. They have practised ball control skills as well as techniques which have then been applied to matches (encouraging a competitive element). Many Year 3’s persevered in PE while working on their technique as well as within their tests this week which the teachers have been impressed with their determination.

During RE, the children learnt about Buddhism and the teachings of Buddha. After studying the story of Buddha, they annotated and re-created the teachings using a story board. In addition, the children enjoyed learning about the adventures of Fred, Con, Lila and Max when the characters find themselves in the Amazon rainforest after falling from the sky. In reading comprehension, they studied vocabulary and considered the meaning of new words while applying the context to aid understanding.

Year 3 continued their exploration of the world whilst taking an interactive tour of the Son Doong caves in Vietnam. Enthusiastically, they discovered the largest caves in the world, immersing themselves in the virtual trip (click on the link below to explore the caves). Building upon this, they word blasted an array of descriptive vocabulary as well as envisaging the adventure through their senses. A fantastic way to begin a recount of such a majestic sight which will be wonderful to read once completed.

Week beginning: 14.09.2020 

This week, Year 3 worked hard in maths, accessing a range of questions involving applying understanding to complex and abstract questions. To begin with, they have studied place value and developed their knowledge of part-whole models as well as using both addition and subtraction, even doing the inverse operation as part of recombining. These are really important skills as understanding of place value is fundamental for all of their learning in maths.

In addition, in PSHE the children began studying the unit ‘Being me in my world’ which involved discussing how individuality is important as well as encouraging support of differences (in line with Jeans for Genes day). They considered how others’ worlds can be both similar and different, as well as goals and aspirations. It was wonderful to see the children appreciating and respecting others’ views. As part of this, the children considered the emotions it is possible to feel, acknowledging that emotions can affect ‘being me’.

On top of this, Year 3 built upon their knowledge of healthy living in science which complimented their regular PE sessions involving competitive yet enjoyable dodge ball. As part of learning about ‘animals including humans’ the children recapped their existing scientific knowledge surrounding through a fun quiz.  Leading on from this, they studied the different food groups and a balanced diet. After collecting data of preferred foods and recording in a table, the classes generated their own balanced meal designed to solve the problem of a new healthy school dinner for the kitchen. During this lesson they demonstrated team work and problem solving skills as well as working scientifically and improving their knowledge of healthy living, which is important too!

Finally, the Year 3’s explored history whilst looking at different sources, even including an old form of technology as well as investigating sources spanning from Chamberlain’s announcement that Britain were at war in WWII to photos of the coliseum and Stonehenge! They showed their detective like abilities when generating questions in class discussions which would help a historian study an artefact or source. Great learning Year 3!

Week beginning: 07.09.2020 

Welcome to Year 3’s first blog! This week, the children have completed their first full week at Kents Hill Junior School and have settled in fantastically. After such a long time away from school, they have adapted to the school routine as well as found their way around a new school. On top of this, Year 3 have been very sensible at understanding the importance of class bubbles as well as regularly washing their hands and sanitising.

In PSHE, the children have shared lots of information about themselves, which has been helpful for the teachers, and spent lots of time talking about how they are feeling returning to school and recognising different emotions. In addition, Year 3 have showcased their sporting skills in the outside sessions including catching and throwing, ball control and running, as well as team games.

After settling in to Year 3, they began learning about their first topic – explorers. To kick start their learning, the children participated in a ‘hook day’ which occurs at the start of every new topic. This comprised of; exploring the Amazon, discovering the rare animals and designing a survival pack for an expedition; exploring Antarctica, learning about Roald Amundsen and making compasses with a recap of cardinal points; lastly, an exploration of the ocean which included tracking sea turtles, discovering what creatures live in the sea and designing a boat suitable for tracking boats, considering properties of materials. It was wonderful to see so many hands up and to see the children enjoying themselves after a long time away from the classroom. A great start to the explorers topic.

Well done to Year 3 on their first week at the Junior school!



Welcome to the Year 3 team 2020-2021.

We look forward to welcoming all of the children on to school site and getting to know them all in person! If you have any questions at all, please email or call the school office.

Year 2 Blog 2019-2020


Wb: 06.07.2020

Another excellent week with our future Year 3 this week! We’ve spoken to lots more of the children on the phone so we can get to know you ready for September – we’re really enjoying learning all about you first-hand!

This week we’ve heard all about their proudest moments which we are so happy the children have shared with us – we love to celebrate all achievements as a school community!

The children have told us the key information that they think we should know about them and asked those all-important questions of their new teachers such as: what’s your favourite food? Which marvel character is your favourite? And some of the children challenged us to think about our proudest moments and achievements are so far!


We’ve also learnt all about the children’s heroes, we heard about lots of family members who are heroes and inspire the children as well as about some famous faces and even some book characters!


As well as hearing about how the children see those who keep us safe in the community as role-models such as the NHS, the police and the fire brigade!


Finally, we learnt about how creative the children are, from making volcanoes which ‘erupt’ to dance and drama and lots of art skills including sketching and painting.


Wb: 29.06.2020

This week we have found out lots more about our wonderful future Year 3 children!

Mrs Purser gave the children a guide to the school office and how the dinner bands work and the Year 3 teachers have spoken to lots of the children on the phone already! Don’t worry if you haven’t spoken to your teacher yet, they will be continuing to call you next week.

This week we have heard lots of great jokes from the children:

Why did the jelly baby go to school? Because he really wanted to be a smartie.

What does a penguin wear to the beach? Flipper-flops!!

What is a cows favourite song? I've got the moooves like Jagger by Moooroon 5.

What do you call a fairy that doesn’t shower? Stinkerbelle

Why was the penguin popular? Because he was an ice guy

We have heard all about your ambitions for the future and some jobs you are aiming for, we have some future astronauts, doctors, vets, builders and designers amongst us! Some of the children had yet to decide – hopefully some of the careers we introduce you to each term in the Juniors might inspire you!


The children told us all about their hobbies – it sounds like lots of you are very busy with swimming, dance, football, painting, exploring and drama to name a few!


We also heard all about your pets and got to see some photos of several of them too!

We've loved talking to lots of you this week and we can't wait to talk to more of you next week!


This week we continued to get to know our future Year 3 children!

We took you on a tour of the school in a ‘Day in the Life of a Year 3 child’ as guided by our Year 6 children.

Miss Hovey shared her top tips for times tables with you and Mrs Watts taught you how to tie your shoelaces – what a week! The children have found out the answers to lots of their questions and got to know their teacher more.

We also had the opportunity to learn out lots about the children too!

What the children’s favourite colours are – there were lots of votes for purple which is great to go with the school uniform!

We learnt if any of the children had any siblings and we found out if anyone had siblings already in the Junior school and what their houses were.

We learnt how the children would describe themselves:

We learnt how many star jumps the children could do and some could do more than 1 a second! Wow!

Finally we learnt about the children’s favourite toys – lots more votes for Lego as well as LOL dolls and Pokemon!

We have loved receiving lots of photos of you all this week to put names to faces – if you haven’t said ‘hi’ yet, we’d love for you to pop in so we can ‘meet’ you!



WB: 15.06.2020

This week we have begun to meet some of our future Year 3 children for September 2020.

The children have had the opportunity to ‘meet’ their class teacher and the year group team as well as ask any questions they may have about Kents Hill Junior School. The children have met a few other team members at Kents Hill Junior School as well – Miss Parkes and Mrs Marable and have learnt about the school trips at the Junior school as well as what break and lunch times look like!

In turn, we have learnt lots about the children and even received a few photos so we can ‘see’ who we are talking to.

What the children are looking forward to in September, which ranged from seeing their friends again and meeting their new teachers to joining the ‘big’ school with different classrooms and the ‘big’ playground - getting their own lockers was high on the list as well!


What the children’s favourite subject are – there were lots of votes for maths, science and art. The children in turn learnt that we have a new science lab and art studio which they are looking forward to exploring!

We’ve learnt who their best friends are which has in turn helped us think about our plans for welcoming the children in to school in September.


We’ve heard all about the children’s favourite wet break/lunch activities – lots of Lego and imaginative play was discussed. Lots of the children were excited to know that we have the Lego Spike for robotics at our school!


Finally, we’ve learnt all about the children’s favourite books, some of the favourites included:

We look forward to continuing to learn more about you next week and telling you more about our school!

Next week a ‘day in the life of a Year 3 pupil’ school tour is going up!