Kents Hill Road, Benfleet, Essex SS7 5PS


Mr Michael Thomas

Kents Hill Junior School



At Kents Hill Junior School, we follow the key principles below to ensure our science curriculum is broad, balanced, informative and engaging! You will see these principles displayed in all our classrooms.

  1. FUN: We believe science should be fun and engaging for everyone.
  2. PRACTICAL: We believe science should be as practical and hands-on as possible, using a range of practical resources.
  3. CURIOUS: We believe science should allow learners to be curious and make discoveries by asking questions, learning new concepts, making links and inspiring research.
  4. WORK SCIENTIFICALLY: We believe science should allow learners the opportunity to think and work scientifically to develop and apply their scientific skills.
  5. CHALLENGING: We believe science should challenge learners’ understanding and knowledge through carefully planned progression and open ended questions.
  6. VOCABULARY: We believe science should include whole class and group discussions to allow learners time to explain their methods, use scientific vocabulary and reflect on what they have learned.

We encourage outdoor learning for science and guide the children to make connections and links to the real world. At Kents Hill, we also encourage children to think about science outside of school. The children recently learnt about “World Space Week” in assembly, with many pupils keen to explore the suggested websites at home and try out some of their own space experiments!

In addition, we ask the children to share their thoughts and “Science wishes” with our school councillors. Some of these suggestions have been put forward and are being considered for next term!